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Please read these guidelines carefully pertaning to the use of the logos below 

Our logos may be displayed on printed collateral, signage, web graphics, and used in PowerPoint presentations, or with information that make references to Food&HotelVietnam2019 by exhibitors and media covering the event.
The logo may be used with a recommended minimum size of no smaller than 30mm x 4.8mm. The tagline must be removed if the logo borders on or falls below the recommended minimum size


The Food&HotelVietnam2019 logos are owned by UBM-VES. It can be reproduced only in their entirety and stand-alone format. The logo may not be combined or incorporated into any other logo and must be used as it is, unless authorised by UBM-VES, i.e. no alteration of color, element, dimension, or type will be permitted.
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