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Countries in Asia-Europe that are hosting international guests


Travelers who have received two shots of the vaccine are exempt from quarantine, only if the PCR test is negative.

If you’re planning a trip abroad, check out free destinations isolated from international travelers. Note, requirements may vary based on the actual situation at each destination. You need to update all regulations in your country before you fly.


In Asia, Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia (Bali only), Thailand, Laos, Cambodia all welcome international visitors, free of quarantine.

Malaysia is not yet open but international visitors can visit Langkawi Island under the travel bubble program and have to buy tours from government-licensed companies.

India waives quarantine for international travelers who have received a full vaccine, requiring only self-monitoring for 14 days after entry. You will need to upload to the Air Suvidha website a negative PCR test result within 72 hours of entry; vaccination certificate. 2% of passengers on commercial flights will be randomly tested at the airport.

The Maldives hosts guests from almost every country in the world, including Vietnam. Travelers are not required to quarantine but must have a negative PCR test result within 96 hours prior to entry, medical declaration on the Maldives Immigration IMUGA entry website. A 30-day visa is issued at the border gate free of charge.

Nepal exempts guests from two shots of the vaccine and has a negative PCR test within 72 hours of entry. Guests who are not fully vaccinated and test negative need to have additional tests at the airport upon entry, quarantine for 5 days in the hotel.

Pakistan exempts international guests from quarantine and PCR testing for two injections.

Sri Lanka is open to all international tourists. Guests who receive a full two shots of Covid-19 vaccine do not need to be tested before entering. Guests who have not fully vaccinated or had Covid-19 for more than six months should present a negative PCR result within 72 hours or a rapid test within 48 hours prior to entry.

In the UAE, international visitors to Dubai must present a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test result within 72 hours, or a Covid-19 exit certificate within one month before entry. Travellers take two full shots to Abu Dhabi without testing before departure, and receive a free PCR test at landing. Note, travelers need to update vaccination certification on Alhosn app to access commercial centers, restaurants…

A tourist wearing a respiratory mask takes a selfie photo at the Trevi fountain in downtown Rome on January 31, 2020. – The Italian government declared a state of emergency on January 31 to fast-track efforts to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus strain after two cases were confirmed in Rome. (Photo by Filippo MONTEFORTE / AFP) (Photo by FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP via Getty Images)


International visitors to the UK do not need to be tested prior to entry. Unvaccinated guests should be tested before departure, and PCR tested within two days of entry, and should not be quarantined if negative. Guests should also fill out a location form with details such as vaccination history, travel, and contact information. Wearing a mask is no longer required.

Austria requires all travelers entering the country to present a certificate of full vaccination (at least two shots) or a certificate of cure; or a negative result if a PCR test is done in 72 hours or a rapid test in 24 hours. Restaurants, bars, museums, theaters, and cable cars at the ski resort only accept vaccination or cure.

Belgium requires guests to have a negative result if they have a PCR test for 72 hours or a rapid test for 24 hours, a vaccination certificate or a cure, and to declare places that have been within six months. If you stay here for less than 48 hours, you don’t need to declare. Wearing a mask is not required outdoors, but is still in effect in enclosed spaces and public spaces.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is open to travellers with a negative PCR result for 48 hours prior to entry, or vaccine certification. Most of the restaurants, cafes, grocery stores… are open. Everyone should wear a mask in indoor and outdoor spaces, and on public transit.

Poland requires travellers from outside the Schengen area to present a vaccination certificate and a PCR or Covid-19 negative rapid test result within 24 hours prior to entry.

Travelers to Croatia need a document confirming the reservation or payment from the accommodation facility. Attached is a certificate of vaccination; or a negative Covid-19 test result within 72 hours prior to entry; or a certificate of withdrawal and vaccination.

Cyprus repeals the requirement for pre-entry testing for guests who have received the vaccine. However, any traveller 12 years and older must have a PCR test at the airport, paying a fee of 15 to 19 euros. Guests self-isolate at the hotel for three hours to wait for results. Travelers who have not received a booster shot can request a quick test within 72 hours of entry, free of charge for those who show their boarding pass.

Germany requires international visitors to fill out a digital application, and must have a full vaccination certificate or a negative Covid-19 test result.

Besides the vaccination certificate, visitors to Albania, Bulgaria, Denmark only need to provide additional PCR negative test results, which are valid for 72 hours.

Greece, Ireland, Lithuania do not require guests to have PCR tests prior to entry, if sufficient vaccinations have been given. Public places, tourism are open but capacity is limited. Riders are required to wear a mask on public transportation.

The Netherlands does not require isolation or a negative result for tourists from safe countries in the EU, Asia or Oceania. However, all passengers are required to have a digital vaccine certificate.

Italy requires travellers to present one of three documents: a certificate of two shots; or has recovered from the disease; or a negative test result within 72 hours. The Vatican is also open to travelers who have already received the vaccine or have escaped Covid-19.

Iceland lifted all restrictions. All travelers can enter, regardless of vaccination status, without a test or Covid-19 certificate.

Monaco requires guests to self-isolate for 14 days if a PCR-negative result cannot be provided within 72 hours prior to entry.

France has waived the requirement to present a Covid-19 negative certificate to travelers who have received enough vaccines since February. Vietnam is on the list of green areas. From February 28, visitors are also not required to wear a mask when entering a restaurant, café, or indoor space.

Travelers to Finland from non-EU and Schengen countries must present a vaccine certificate or leave Covid-19 within six months.

Spain does not require international guests to have a full Covid-19 test. However, the country does not accept a certificate for the last vaccination more than 270 days before 1/2.

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