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Green apartment: Redefining the “new living standard” for the inner city


For a long time, apartments near the center have been the preferred selection criteria for many people.However, in the current context of urban environmental pollution, especially after Covid-19, green apartments are thought to be redefining “new standards of living” in Hanoi.

Green apartments: Redefine the "new standard of living" for inner-city areas

The standard of a space worth living in

According to The Urban Vision Research and Social Business Institute, a living urban area should be a complex of multi-functional residential areas, including accommodation, commercial, hospital, school, community space, greenery, and other ancillary areas. In particular, they must also form green spaces and community spaces for residents. There are only a few cities in the world that have developed models that meet these criteria, such as London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In Asia, Singapore is one of the leaders in urban green space design. There are many skyscrapers here but people do not feel as suffocated and confused as in many other cities due to the very high density of trees. In fact, it was only in the 1980s that Singapore began to focus on green city development and high quality urban areas were gradually formed.

Usually, the number of trees in cities will be inversely proportional to the rate of economic development and population, but in Singapore it is the opposite. The government chose the first week of November to be National Tree Day and the people saw it as a real festival day.

In Vietnam, every early spring in the country, tree planting is also a traditional activity. However, for many reasons, trees, especially in large urban areas, are always in severe deprivation.

According to the General Department of Forestry, the proportion of urban trees in Vietnam is only 1/5 to 1/10 of the world, at 2-3 m2/ person. According to the plan, by 2030, Hanoi’s greenery rate will be raised to 10 – 12m2/ person.

This is a quite distant future for the people of the capital in the context of extremely scarce urban land. Therefore, in order to ensure “standard” living conditions for themselves, people must actively find solutions but it seems very difficult in the inner city, or just a long way away from urban and suburban areas.

“New standards of living” in the inner city

Between the limited land fund leading to the scarcity of supply of apartments in general and green apartments in particular, it is completely understandable that in the middle of the city center there is a project where the density of housing construction is only more than 20%, with nearly 80% of the area devoted to greenery, water surface, utilities and transportation becoming a “phenomenon” in the capital real estate market over the past two years such as Feliz Homes.

Green apartments: Redefine the "new standard of living" for the inner city area - Photo 1.
Green space from the park and lake area of Feliz Homes is loved by customers

According to the leader of a distribution unit, Feliz Homes “scored” is a large green space that is difficult to find in any new project in the city today that the resale price is very “satisfactory” to customers. Meanwhile, the project location is only 4.5km away from Hoan Kiem lake, very convenient traffic, full of utilities in the area such as schools, hospitals, parks, lakes, markets, commercial centers… within a radius of 3km.

Căn hộ xanh: Định nghĩa lại “chuẩn sống mới” cho khu vực nội đô - Ảnh 2.

Therefore, at the time when the two Fantasy and Tropical Tower towers of the project are about to take off the roof and almost close the fence, the third tower is Zen Tower immediately under the pressure of investors and lovers of green living space by the expectation and suspense of owning the apartment in this “Miss” building.

Explaining this, the Investor Representative of KLB Joint Stock Company said that compared to the previous two buildings, Zen Tower is a great step forward. Not only is it located in the center of the project, many modern utilities are concentrated here, but the design and finish portfolio of Zen Tower also apply the higher standard. The apartment is smartly arranged so that the living room is open but does not make the bedroom have a mysterious feeling, the view of the green little garden on the high floor shows when the balcony of the apartment is up to 17m2. The state-of-the-art multi air conditioning system now allows for saving installation area with one indoor unit for multiple indoor units, while reducing household power consumption costs.

Căn hộ xanh: Định nghĩa lại “chuẩn sống mới” cho khu vực nội đô - Ảnh 3.
Zen Tower apartment – Feliz Homes is high-end and uses imported materials

Besides, the main equipment of the power system is the leading brand in the world Legrand (France) with busway system, switchgear system, sockets, switches… to ensure durability and safety during use. The apartment is also finished with plaster ceilings, high-end imported sanitary ware and luxury bathtub glass walls, imprinting tropical resort style.

With “specialty” is a large green space and water surface, combining the standard of luxury apartment finishing, experts say that Feliz Homes project in general and Zen Tower, in particular, are redefining the “new standard of life”for the inner city today.

Source: the Economic Rhythm

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Green apartment: Redefining the “new living standard” for the inner city
For a long time, apartments near the center have been the preferred selection criteria for many...

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