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Lang Son’s identity on the road to development through the Ky Hoa festival


On April 30th and May 1st, the U.S. Festival 2022 was held for the first time at Mailand Hoang Dong project, Lang Son City. In 5 days, the event with many diverse cultural activities attracted a large number of tourists and locals to visit and experience. The American Festival is considered annually by lang son provincial leaders to stimulate the provincial tourism industry on April 30 and May 1.

Mr. Duong Xuan Chau – Standing Vice Chairman of Lang Son People’s Committee shared specifics about the plan to promote Lang Son tourism industry after the successful “opening” event of the U.S. Festival 2022.

n the first year of the festival, how has the 2022 American Festival been successful, sir?

In 5 days, the festival has achieved many successes, attracting more than 100,000 visitors and locals, of which more than 10% of the population of the province is present at the festival. We have to see that there is something worth watching the new relatives come to such a winter! They come here to enjoy cultural values, cuisine, emotional exchange and share opportunities for cooperation and trade together.

The Ky Hoa story in the festival is recounted through the journey of experiencing the “Five Colors of America” – representing 5 characteristics of indigenous culture and the beauty of the land of Lang including Native Identity, Future Colors, Cohesive Colors, Sound Colors and Natural Colors.

The success of the festival is to recreate the cultural beauty of the peoples of Lang, through the introduction of special cuisines, traditional crafts and exhibition activities of OCOP products, famous specialties of the locality.

Along with that, visitors can experience the traditional performing arts activities by nearly 30 artisans such as excerpts of the HotPot ceremony, excerpts of the stage of Ky Chung – Ta Phu festival, lion and cat dance performances, singing and singing exchanges, sli, glide, adoration dance, grass, tossing, beating bird’s nest… The event also brings together many famous artists such as Sèn Hoang My Lam, Hong Nhung, Kyo York with more than 100 artists, actors, directors and choreographers.

The festival also arranges large spaces for 52 exhibition booths, displaying products, cuisine, local gifts and 35 tents. In the spacious campus, more than 50 special entertainment and entertainment activities are organized to attract many visitors and people such as the opening night stage, the opening fireworks display, hot air balloons, folk games …

– Besides developing american festivals, what advantages does Lang Son also possess to attract domestic and foreign visitors?

Lang Son is a tourist destination, the outstanding discovery of the Northeast region with the mountainous scenery and diverse and characteristic indigenous culture. We also have a tradition of festival travel, especially every new year to spring. Visitors can join the locals to listen to sli singing, singing, Pistachio love market …

The advantages from the location bordering the border gate also promote the wave of tourists traveling to festivals, temples and shopping in Lang Son. Markets such as Tan Thanh, Dong Kinh, Ky Donkey night market … is a destination that attracts many delegations of tourists to shop, explore the culture in the border gate city. Every year Lang Son recorded millions of visitors to the locality.

In the future, Lang Son tourism industry will be more breakthrough with many destinations being implemented such as The Son National Tourist Area is expected to build a cable car to the top with many unique experiences. The province is also establishing extensive geological parks stretching across Huu Tung, Chi Lang, Bac Son, Van Quan and Binh Gia districts.

At the 2022 U.S. Festival, the Hoang Dong Mailand project was announced and restarted, positioned as “American City”. I assess that in the near future, this will be an ideal destination for trade, tourism, resort on the route connecting Vietnam and internationally.

– How has the infrastructure connected to Lang Son in the past years changed to promote the advantages of tourism, sir?

Currently, Lang Son’s transport connection in the Northeast region is very favorable thanks to the Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway. In the future, the Friendship – Chi Lang expressway will be completed and put into operation will contribute to promoting the economic development of the province including tourism. In addition, Lang Son province has proposed to invest in a project to upgrade National Highway 4B connecting to Quang Ninh province and Hai Phong city. This is an important project not only serving the transportation of goods, import and export in the region but also connecting tourism from Lang Son to Van Don International Airport, Ha Long, Nail Cai border gate …

Visitors will have a new experience when choosing to swim in Ha Long – Quang Ninh and experience The Son Mountain in Lang Son because the distance between these two tourist destinations only takes 2 hours to travel, the road is very beautiful and poetic.

– Lang Son currently attracts many investors to develop projects, promoting the tourism industry. How do you assess lang son’s potential to attract investors in the future?

Lang Son possesses many advantages in terms of scenery and people to promote the tourism industry to develop further. Previously, we also selected reputable investors with strong potential, modern and civilized tourism perspectives to cooperate. Through this, both the Provincial People’s Committee and investors share and are open to the common goal of long-term sustainable development.

I am confident that Lang Son will be a reliable destination for investors, bringing new tourism products to meet all the needs of resort, sightseeing and entertainment of domestic and international tourists.

Source: VNExpress

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