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Summer travel 2022 reaching peak period of travel season


The market in Ho Chi Minh City recorded a peak period of travel season with increasing revenue from travel, accommodation, and food services.

Ben Thanh market. Photo: Xuan Khu-VNA

The operation of most units in the tourism industry in the city is in the summer service season of 2022 along with people’s demand increasing again after a long period of stagnation because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

* Travel revenue increased by 30.8%

In the general economic situation of Ho Chi Minh City, trade and service activities will continue to recover until June 2022, growing very well compared to the time of the pandemic. Ho Chi Minh City has a high vaccine coverage with a flexible and effective approach to the COVID-19 prevention and control program, which has made a solid premise for the economy to recover, in which tourism activities are bustling again.

According to the City Statistics Department, tourism revenue in the area in June 2022 reached 845 billion VND and increased by 30.8% compared to the previous month (the month of the same period completely stopped). Generally, in the first 6 months of 2022, travel revenue reached 3,534 billion VND, up 41.5% over the same period.

Similarly, accommodation and catering services in June were estimated at 8,113 billion VND, up 3.5% over the previous month and up 230.7% over the same period.

Regarding the summer tourism market in 2022, Vietravel tourism company forecasts that July will be the peak period of the summer vacation season, especially for the family and business segments. Families tend to book tours and buy products and services quite early, but it is not until July that they have completed their exams.

Vietravel’s forecast also indicates that the summer 2022 tourist season will continue to be exciting until August. Similarly, Saigontourist Travel Service Company is expected to serve more than 280,000 visitors in the summer of 2022, and the number may be higher as demand in the tourism market is still strong.

According to the survey results of market demand of Saigontourist Travel, in addition to the tour product lines, and travel services serving individual and family travelers, the MICE tourism segment (a type of tourism that combines conferences and meetings). seminars, exhibitions, events, travel, and rewards of companies for employees, partners…) for businesses will explode and are making the biggest difference for the summer of 2022.

Mr. Tran Quoc Bao, Deputy General Director of Saigontourist Travel Service Company, said that summer is the highest season of the year, so Saigontourist Travel focuses all financial and human resources to diversify services. , invest in renewing most products following the current market situation, meeting the maximum and best needs of each customer.

Saigontourist Travel is especially interested in closely connecting with domestic and foreign partners, ensuring its commitment to service quality, and the safety, peace of mind, and satisfaction of the company’s customers. In addition, focusing on making the most of summer tourism is also a way for Saigontourist Travel to restore the comprehensive business operations of the system of 18 branches across the country and more than 900 existing employees of the company. Particularly, tourism products and services at Saigontourist Travel such as MICE tourism are constantly being renewed and enhanced creativity in team-building activities and gala dinners and conferences.

* Traveling package to attract customers

International tourists visit Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: VNA

The tourism industry and tour operators in Ho Chi Minh City offered a number of package tours at the start of the summer 2022 travel season, and these offerings have been successful in drawing tourists. These units have a special emphasis on becoming ready to produce and launch items soon, in line with market trends, satiating resort tourism requirements, and experiencing nature, culture, history, and food.

Along with providing a variety of services for air tickets, hotels, and resorts at home and abroad, travel businesses and tour operators also ensure to support procedures such as visa processing for visitors. The domestic tour series of travel businesses, and tour operators in Ho Chi Minh City has now covered all provinces and cities across the country with an average number of tour days from 3 to 8 days.

According to the development of the tourism market in the summer of 2022, up to this point, the popular trends of domestic tours are sea tourism, Northeast highland tourism, and green tourism towards nature and tourism. community. The cluster of foreign tours has now been popularly deployed to more than 25 countries around the world such as the US, Europe, England – Scotland, Dubai – Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Maldives, Greece, South Africa, Singapore, etc. Thailand…with a journey from 4 to 11 days.

In particular, to bring customers more utilities and incentives, travel businesses, and travel agencies… have actively opened online stores on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, and Tiki.

Along with promoting, marketing, and selling products, businesses carry out promotions and discounts for customers shopping online. With the appearance on the e-commerce floor, customers have the opportunity to shop for products, save travel services, convenient services, diversify methods of choosing goods, flexible payment…

From the perspective of consumers, Ms. Minh Hanh, who lives in Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City shared, that after the end of the school year, the family lets the children go home to play for about 2 weeks, then the whole family will Let’s go on a summer vacation at the end of July 2022. This is a time when the tourism market has been less peak, but the family also decided to buy a packaged product to ensure quality and safety during the travel journey for their children.

With the same opinion, Mr. Van Son, who lives in Ho Chi Minh City, said that at normal times, the whole group of friends often choose destinations and book rooms to have a free tour, but during the tourist season. This summer, choose to buy package products from travel businesses, tour operators…

Because it can be challenging to guarantee human resources and the quality of the items offered in some areas during the peak travel season, the tour guide will help travelers resolve issues as they arise by using packaged goods. Additionally, as the summer is one of the busiest travel seasons each year, many destinations are crowded, making it challenging to book accommodations, purchase tickets, and navigate the local laws and customs.

According to the report on “Vietnamese tourists’ willingness to return to tourism” by the company that provides research and data analysis solutions for the tourism and hospitality industry – The Outbox Company (Outbox) has just been released. The bright spot in the psychological trend is that tourists are starting to be more optimistic about their financial situation and the normal rhythm of life also makes them less worried about the impact of the epidemic.

Domestic tourism still plays an important role in the recovery of the tourism industry, with most tourists tending to prefer sea or island tourism.

Source: Thong tan xa Vietnam (TTXVN)

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