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Vietnam will be a long-term market for Irish seafood, dairy and meat products


Aiming at the high-end segment, exporting quality products, Ireland believes that Vietnam will be a long-term market for Irish seafood, dairy and meat products.

Within the framework of the Irish Government’s trade delegation to Vietnam, on September 7, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Maritime Affairs Martin Heydon – had an exchange with the press in Hanoi.

How do you assess the potential of the food and beverage market in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general?

Ireland is a member of the European Union (EU). In 2021, we have an export turnover of food and beverages to Vietnam of about 30 million euros (up 55% compared to 2020), of which, our dairy export turnover will reach 25-26 million. Euro. Our whole milk powder is also a standout product. In addition, seafood exports will reach about 4 million euros (in 2021), and ready-to-eat foods will reach 1 million euros.

Mr. Ciaran Gallagher – Southeast Asia Regional Director, Bord Bia (Ireland Food Authority) (left) and Mr. Martin Heydon – Secretary of State for the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Maritime Affairs (right) at Fuji Mart (Hanoi) ) within the framework of the Irish government’s trade delegation to visit Vietnam.

In the first 6 months of 2022, it is expected that the added value of Ireland’s food and beverage exports to Vietnam will increase by 159% over the same period last year. With the effect of the Vietnam – EU Trade Agreement (EVFTA Agreement ), from January 1, 2023, the tariff on dairy products will be eliminated (from 15% to 0%), so dairy products Our dairy products will be very competitive and we expect dairy exports to continue to increase in the Vietnamese market

Ireland’s food and beverage exports to Southeast Asia last year increased to a record 535 million euros. Within the framework of the Irish government’s trade delegation to visit Vietnam, the Irish Food Authority (Bord Beer) will launch a business strategy in the Southeast Asian market to increase export turnover to 800 million euros in in 2025, in which the leading will be the dairy and meat industry.

Our aim during this visit was to further raise awareness of Ireland as a country providing sustainable, safe and high quality European food and drink to our customers and consumers in Vietnam.

According to your business strategy , the Vietnamese market in particular and Southeast Asia in general is a priority destination for Ireland’s food and beverage export industry, especially the export potential of milk, meat and seafood. . What will be the competitive advantage for these products in Vietnam market?

We have supplied agricultural and food products to many markets around the world, and now we are also focusing on high quality products and services in the food and beverage segment. We want to bring more choices to Vietnamese consumers.

Ireland has a great advantage in terms of geographical location, with very clean waters, so our seafood products are very clean and of high quality. Some typical and high quality Irish seafood products can be mentioned such as crab and salmon. We look forward to providing complementary seafood products, high-end products for Vietnam.

For dairy products, every year, our dairy export turnover reaches about 5 billion Euros. In addition to Southeast Asia, we also export to other markets such as the United States, EU… Ireland’s dairy product exports to Vietnam reach about 25-26 million euros.

We also realize that Vietnam has a huge demand for dairy products. Therefore, we want to increase the number of dairy exports in the Vietnamese market, and we want to become an effective cooperation partner with Vietnam.

Ireland aims to raise export turnover to 800 million Euro by 2025 in Southeast Asia, how much of this will Vietnam account for?

In 2021, export turnover to the Vietnamese market is estimated to have reached 30 million euros, of which dairy exports reached 25 million euros and seafood exports reached 4 million euros. It can be seen that the trade in agricultural products between Vietnam and Ireland is still very small compared to the potential of the two countries, and this is an opportunity for us to promote this value increase.

Regarding the question of how much Vietnam accounted for in Ireland’s goal of raising export turnover to 800 million euros by 2025 in Southeast Asia, it is difficult for us to estimate the number for Vietnam alone at this time. . However, we believe that Vietnam will be a long-term market for Irish seafood, dairy and meat product.

Mr. Martin Heydon – Secretary of State of the Irish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Maritime Affairs talked to the press

Along with promoting the export of Vietnamese dairy, meat and seafood products, in the opposite direction, Vietnam has a lot of high-quality agricultural products and fruits, does Ireland want to import these products or not? , Sir?

Ireland is a member of the EU, so the importation of agricultural products and fruits we will apply the same standards as the EU. Regarding agricultural products, we export about 13.5 billion Euro annually and import 8 billion Euro. Thus, our imports are also quite a lot.

Ireland in particular and the EU in general have great demand for products from other countries. As for Vietnam, we have an import demand for rice, coffee, mango, etc. This is also a very good opportunity to promote the opposite direction – that is, to import agricultural products from Vietnam to Ireland.

In addition, Vietnamese textile and footwear products have been exported to Ireland quite a lot. These are also strengths of Vietnam and can promote exports to the Irish market in the near future.

Currently, Vietnam is weak in technology for production and processing of agricultural and aquatic products compared to EU countries, do Irish businesses intend to invest in technology in Vietnam to exploit this market?

Along with today’s press conference, we will also have a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. In these meetings, we will discuss and find ways to overcome difficulties, as well as limitations. regulations and challenges for Irish products when exporting to Vietnam and vice versa. At the same time, together, the details of coordination activities will be determined together in the coming period.

Irish foods on display at “Irish Pork and Seafood Show” event

Over the years, we have focused on many activities and built development cooperation programs with Vietnam. These development cooperation programs focus heavily on ethnic minorities and people with limited and disadvantaged conditions. We have recently promoted support activities in the agricultural and food sectors to improve productivity, quality and standards so that Vietnam can access new markets.

As for the dairy industry, Ireland has invested heavily in research, innovation, creativity and technology development to ensure our dairy products can meet the nutritional needs of infants. infants and the elderly as well as other milk-related needs. We are ready to share these achievements, advancements and results of scientific research and innovation activities with Vietnamese farmers.

We think that cooperation on trade should always be based on mutual benefits, win-win. Such an increase in export activities will contribute to an increase in the trade balance between Vietnam and Ireland, bringing benefits to both countries.

Source: Cong Thuong

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