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Vietnam’s tourism industry demonstrates significant potential for expansion and advancement.


The Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in Vietnam, Doan Van Viet, has acknowledged the obstacles and constraints faced by the local tourism industry. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic about the potential for the industry to continue to draw significant numbers of international tourists.

According to reports, on the morning of August 15th, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (VH-TT-DL) held a meeting in Hanoi to disseminate new documents to accelerate recovery and accelerate effective and sustainable development of Vietnam’s tourism industry.

During his speech at the meeting, Vice Minister Doan Van Viet of VH-TT-DL emphasized that Vietnam’s tourism industry faces strong development opportunities in attracting international tourists to Vietnam, especially in organizing long-term tourism plans.

In the first seven months of 2023, the number of international tourists visiting Vietnam exceeded 6.6 million, while the number of domestic tourists is still growing strongly, estimated at 76.5 million, and the total tourist income is estimated to be 416.6 trillion Vietnamese dong. Especially in July 2023 alone, Vietnam received and served 1.04 million tourists. This is the first month of 2023, and we received over 1 million international tourists.

In addition, despite the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s tourism development capacity index is still rising, rising 8 places in 2021 compared with 2019, ranking 52nd among 117 countries/economies. Vietnam is considered one of the countries with the highest level of improvement in the world rankings.

Regarding the information on the wisdom of the people, due to the high efforts and determination of the entire department, as well as the deep attention and strong guidance of the Party, the state, the National Assembly, the government, and the Prime Minister in formulating policies and policies to eliminate difficulties and obstacles, the above results have been achieved, Promote the recovery and development of the tourism industry.

At the same time, in the vigorous actions of various ministries, departments, and local governments, the company’s companionship and support, as well as timely and effective guidance on market structure adjustment, product and service updates, development of connections, and promotion of tourism promotion, The new immigration policy…

In order to accelerate the pace, take decisive action, achieve breakthroughs in the recovery and development of the tourism industry in a focused, focused, effective, and sustainable direction, and effectively implement Politburo Resolution 08-NQ/TW on the development of the tourism industry as a key economic sector, On May 18, 2023, the government issued Resolution 82/NQ-CP, which aims to accelerate recovery and accelerate efficient and sustainable tourism development.

The VH-TT-DL department also issued Decision No. 440 on approving the 2030 Vietnam Tourism Marketing Strategy, aiming to determine the promotion and positioning of Vietnam as the most attractive tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Decision No. 1894 of 1894 on the Development Model Plan for Night Tourism Products.

In order for the new phase to become a turning point of the country’s green economy as well as create a breakthrough for tourism development, Deputy Minister Doan Van Viet emphasized that businesses and people are the subjects, tourists are the center. Products and infrastructure are the foundation, advanced and modern services are the driving force for tourism development, quickly grasping new tourism trends, and orienting business opportunities for tourism businesses. In particular, the whole industry needs to promptly seize opportunities from a more open visa policy as a lever to help tourism develop significantly and rapidly increase the number of international visitors to Vietnam.

Kinh tế - Ngành du lịch Việt Nam đứng trước cơ hội phát triển mạnh mẽ
The Vietnamese tourism industry faces strong development opportunities in promoting the attraction of international tourists to Vietnam.

With the new visa policy (increasing the electronic visa period from 30 days to 90 days, and increasing the unilateral visa exemption period to 45 days), the Vietnamese tourism industry faces strong development opportunities in attracting international tourists to Vietnam. Especially for organizations with long-term travel plans, “said Vice Minister Doan Van Viet.

In addition, the tourism industry has also promoted the vitality, creativity, and incentive role of enterprises in the recovery and development of the tourism industry; Innovative business models, corporate restructuring related to digital transformation, innovation, and innovation; Establish a tourism ecosystem, develop new tourism models, enhance competitiveness, and expand the market.

According to Deputy Minister Doan Van Viet, “The action plan of VH-TT-DL aims to concretize the tasks assigned by the government, and form consensus and high consistency in the awareness and actions of the entire tourism industry, relevant departments, local governments, enterprises, and people. It promotes the development of the tourism industry

Need to accelerate vigorously and take more proactive actions to create breakthroughs

According to Vietnam+, the meeting listened to 11 online opinions from representatives from major tourist areas across the country and generally agreed on the content of the government’s action plan for implementing Resolution 82/NQ-CP. Vietnam’s tourism marketing strategy and nighttime tourism product development model before 2030.

Especially, the development of night tourism products is of interest to many places. Most comments confirm that developing night tourism not only helps increase expenses and extend the stay time of tourists, but also makes night tourism the main product of Vietnam’s night economic development. However, as this is a special tourism product, there are still many difficulties and obstacles in the implementation process to ensure diversified night tourism, reflect the cultural identity of each destination, and ensure sustainability, high quality, and high added value.

According to the Director of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Nguyen Trung Khanh: “Currently, the Department has advised and completed the Action Plan of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to implement Resolution 82. In which, with the task group “Development of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism” product development and communication, tourism promotion and promotion,” after implementation, the Department will accelerate the implementation of the Vietnam Tourism Marketing Strategy to 2030, develop the national tourism brand, build Vietnam is truly a safe, attractive, humane, hospitable and convenient destination.”

Next, Vietnam’s tourism industry will develop and construct the main products of the industry, update the types, and serve marine vacation tourism, cultural tourism, ecological tourism, agricultural tourism, rural tourism, exhibition tourism, golf tourism, medical tourism, and food tourism; Establish a tourism market database; Apply digital technology to organize tourism electronic marketing activities. Research and develop a project to establish a Vietnam Tourism Promotion Office overseas, currently in some major tourism markets…

Although acknowledging the limitations and challenges of Vietnam’s tourism industry, Director Nguyen Trung Khanh pointed out that in the new situation, the entire industry needs to vigorously accelerate its pace, take more decisive actions, and make breakthroughs in the development of the tourism industry.

“With the spirit of teamwork and efforts to overcome all difficulties and challenges of the tourism business community, I believe that Vietnam’s tourism will surely soon recover and return to its previous growth momentum. continue to develop towards the goal of becoming a spearhead economic sector, making an important contribution to the country’s economic development,” affirmed Deputy Minister Doan Van Viet.


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