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Our Media & Partners

Our Media & Partners
We would like to express our sincere thankful to all media & partners for our great corporation.

Established in 1998, Asia food is the first professional food & package publisher in Taiwan.
We specialize in providing concepts and knowledge about the diverse food & package industries to the public;
Every year, We participate in various food & package related festivals to increase publicity and pursuit its goal of becoming the best marketing promotion platform in the food & package industry. The first priority of customer service is quality, and the goal we are striving toward, not only working as an ultimate information source from suppliers to the food & package manufacturing industry, but also attempting to service the industry to the best of our ability in providing and organizing food & package information and technology to the public.

Media partner: Binh Duong Professional Chef’s Guild    

Binh Duong Professional Chef’s Guild was established on February 22, 2022, with the mission of introducing and spreading the culinary values ​​of the province to all parts of the country as well as around the world. In addition, the clubhouse is also a playground for chefs to exchange experiences, expand knowledge and improve skills.

Although only established earlier this year, the association currently has more than 60 members participating in activities. The main purpose of the association is to create a place to exchange and learn for young chefs; contribute to preserving and promoting Vietnamese cuisine in general and Binh Duong in particular.

In addition to maintaining a useful playground, the association also organizes many other meaningful side activities to contribute to raising the status of Vietnamese cuisine in the hearts of international tourists. Promising upcoming events will be extremely special, contributing to promoting Binh Duong tourism through the introduction of traditional regional dishes.


Let’s take a look at some outstanding projects of Binh Duong Professional Chef’s Guild:

Chef training is held periodically once a month to equip young chefs and students with culinary skills in Binh Duong, as well as preserve and promote the culinary culture. Vietnamese real. This is a key activity of the association, providing an opportunity for members to observe, exchange and practice with practical lessons guided by senior chefs in the profession.

Volunteer activities: Besides bringing delicious meals in a decent space, the association also wants to spread love to charities:

  • “Lovely kitchen and spacious dining room”: Here, the association has renewed the kitchen space, provided kitchen equipment, and repaired electrical and water systems to ensure safety when cooking. at Ngoc Quy Social Protection Facility.
  • Full moon festival fun program “Mid-Autumn Festival for You”: The association organized cooking and presented meaningful mid-autumn gifts to the children at the center.

Although it is a young organization compared to other associations, Binh Duong Professional Chefs Association has been gradually developing in the right direction, creating a name in the world of Vietnamese chefs, while preserving and promoting Ethnic culinary culture flies high and far in the international community.

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